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Welcome to Warrumbungle Wiltshire Horn Sheep Stud NSW

 Breeders of Commercial and Stud Wiltshire Horn Sheep.

Rams, Ewes and Lambs for sale, visit our Saleyard Page

Get the Wiltshire Horn Advantage

Wool Shedding

No shearing, Mulesing, or Docking


Fine Lean
Meat Producers

High quality meat, top dressing weights


Low Maintenance

Clear Breeches, Low Flystrike & Footrot


Hardy & Strong 
Excellent Mothering

Adaptable with frequent multiple births





We currently have Sept 2015, 2016 and 2017 rams and ewes available.
Check our saleyard page for details




dave dawn circle

The Original Meat Sheep

"These easy care, gentle, inquisitive animals fit in perfectly with our busy lifestyle."






Warrumbungle Wiltshires

The Original Meat Sheep





Warrumbungle Wiltshires
2112 Timor Road  Coonabarabran
NSW 2357

Ph: 02 6842 2448   |  Mob: 0428 361 605